The Stories

The approach and the actions of these peacemakers have surprising commonalities. They talked to their enemies. And rather than forwarding hatred and derision, they created a vision of a better day, and encouraged both sides to reach for a new ideal.

They were optimists. They saw the best in us. Where others saw failure, they saw possiblities.

They were men and women of faith — different faiths, but faiths that gave them a firm belief in the inherent goodness of men and women on both sides of the divide. They saw, and lived, a brotherhood of all men and women as God’s children.

They were humble. They considered themselves “ordinary” and even flawed human beings. They would spend time talking to, and being interested in, the least “important” among  us. Because no one is unimportant.

Their dedication to what Martin Luther King refers to as the “moral arc of the universe” propelled them to continue walking forward in the face of extreme adversity, including threats on their lives and families.

Those who have known them personally will tell you that they were also funny. They could, almost inexplicably, make you laugh. They experienced, and shared, joy. Being in their presence made you bigger, not smaller.

It is the objective of Resolving Conflict to allow visitors to come to know these history makers, and inspire in others the qualities they share.

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