Note: These are samples only and are not for public distribution. They are not finalized or designed, and contained unlicensed material. They are for samples only. When finished, these and other videos will be posted on a YouTube channel for the Disrupting Hate project, and will be promoted and shared on social media.Portions will also be excerpted for video ads before YouTube videos being watched by our target audiences. 

Nelson Mandela, South Africa. “Our Brains Prevailed Over Our Blood.” (1:49)

John Hume, Northern Ireland, “Difference is an Accident of Birth” (0:57)

John Hume, Northern Ireland. “They were fighting to preserve their culture and ethos, and rightly so”. (3:44)

Leymah Gbowee, Liberia. “The Difference Between Anger and Hate” (1:21)