Archbishop Desmond Tutu

¬†Archbishop Tutu was one of the two South African figures widely credited with bringing about the fall of South Africa’s oppressive Apartheid regime.

The first Archbishop in South Africa’s Episcopalian Church, “the Arch” as he has been lovingly known, was an immutable voice for justice and minister to hundreds of thousands of Black South Africans. With his eloquence, humor but most of all his passion for justice, he kept his country on the road to non-violent change when it seemed at times a powder key ready to explode.

Tutu was appointed by Nelson Mandela to head the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a landmark national council that brought the light of truth to the atrocities committed during Apartheid and, often bringing victims and perpetrators together, ushered in a new age of forgiveness and reconciliation for South Africa.

He continued as a revered activist and guiding light for justice and equality across the globe until his passing in 2021. .