When the news cycle is not even 24 hours any longer, and misinformation gets driven into people’s homes unchecked through their phones and computers, where does wisdom belong? And what is the cost of allowing it to be lost to the next titillating or infuriating social media post? 

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates include people who have faced civil conflict, even walked into it, and led their countries or regions of the world out of it — from the ground up. How did they do it? Today, as Americans and Europeans, Indians and others are being agitated to violence every day, as waves of autocracy threaten even the survival of democracy in regions on the world, we can’t afford not to know. Our lives, or the lives of our children, may depend on knowing. 

Founded in 1994 by Mary Wald, New West Media forwards the words and the lessons of these peacebuilders.

It starts the conversations we need to be having today.